Hello! We are Lizette and Ounooi and we’re the owners at Van Brakel Stoor. We are a farm stall, restaurant and events venue comfortably nestled between the rolling hills in the heart of the Overberg. Our store offers a truly unique and authentic experience. It will take you back to when food was prepared with time.

Established in the 1920’s, Van Brakel Stoor has been serving generations of locals and travellers alike seeking honest homemade food and warm platteland hospitality.

We collect and endorse home-made products from the surrounding areas, with honest, hearty tastes and flavours. The Overberg is known for its lush wheat fields and warm-hearted people. This is a philosophy we live: we place specific importance on personal conversation with our visitors.

Van Brakel Stoor has a rich and interesting history dating back to the early 1950’s when the store was operated as a local grocery store and mechanical repair shop for the farmers in the area.

We officially opened our doors as we are known today in November 2004. Join us and enjoy a cup of coffee or stay for a traditional lunch and meet the delightful locals!

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